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Our vision is to work with a variety of clients to develop TFQ into a well-adapted, modern, agile-led agency that offers friendly, professional, and reliable communication services. 


Our twofold mission is to:

  1. be a professional, unbiased, and reliable communication support to anyone who needs it, no matter the level of English or subject matter. 

  2. build a legacy of continuous learning through deliberate practice and proactively seeking out new fields of knowledge.

TFQ's values

These five values guide how we work with you to bring your ideas to life:

Adaptability | Accountability | Practicality | Kindness | Integrity

Vision & mission
Why the spiral?

Why the spiral?

As a professional human being, Shraddha's guiding philosophy is that one never finds themselves in the same place twice.

At TFQ we don't go in circles. We progress in spirals. We are never in the same place doing the same thing in the exact same way the second time around. 

Come, let's progress in spirals together!

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