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A silent yet significant pivot

I’ve been a little torn about blog posting these past two weeks. I wasn’t sure of my position on TFQ, new work opportunities, and there also seemed to be fewer hours in the day. I felt a lot of exhaustion from being online all day, so by the end of it, I was wiped out and didn’t want to see anyone or write anything — even my daily journal was blank.

I guess it’s time to break it to you all: The Freelancing Quill is no longer my full-time job.

TFQ is still here; I’m not shutting this business down. It’s taken a backseat since I started working full-time at a new company. This is a decision that I came to effortlessly, and I surprised myself with how quickly I decided to pivot.

My career pivot

Things I learned from this pivot:

🌱 I have craved working with a team since I established TFQ in 2021, and now I finally get to

🌱 I spread myself too thin as a solopreneur and caused myself a lot of burnout

🌱 I can return to my academic passion projects with more energy and enthusiasm

🌱 I can be selective about the kind of clients I work with

🌱 I am capable of change.

Personally, I was always excited to be 27. My birthday couldn’t come fast enough! I felt I would go on many adventures this year, and I’m grateful to the universe for preparing me for this. The force is strong with this year 😁 I’ve wrapped up my last projects and now embark on this new adventure with gratitude, purpose, and pride.

So, how will TFQ still be present in this world?

🖋️ The TFQ blog will continue with weekly posts

📚 The TFQ Book Club will run every month

🎓 I’ll be working on exciting academic projects and sharing them with you all.

The past few months have been incredible with my new team at Emma Hanly and Co. Thank you for your professionalism, compassion, and creativity! The work makes me want to bring my best self to the desk every day.

To my cheerleaders, thank you for supporting me in all your wonderful ways! I couldn't have come this far without you there to drive me to places, bounce ideas off of, and remind me to eat. I am steady because you are beside me 🙆🏾‍♀️💛

To my clients, thank you for choosing to work with The Freelancing Quill these past two years. Your trust in my skills has shaped my experience, and I hope your work continues from strength to strength.

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1 Comment

Emma Hanly
Emma Hanly
May 21, 2023

Deep appreciation for being on this journey with you! So happy you’re a part of my team 💛

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