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Image by Mudassir Ali

TFQ / Impact 17 

Impact17 has partnered with TFQ since 2021 to develop original written content, complemented by academic graphics design, for social media and marketing.


The collaboration supports clients brand their skills and becoming strategically visible on social media in their target communities. Our partnership also specialises in providing tailored content and communication strategy for South African and international brands. 

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South African Chefs Association

We provide a curated range of social media and language editing services to support internal and sponsored campaigns for the client. We also offer communication and social media strategies to increase memberships and online visibility. 


Medical Entrepreneurs

The Impact 17 -TFQ team offer local doctor-preneurs social media, writing, infographic design, and communication strategy support. This collaboration has helped bring occupational, endocrinology, and travel medicine specialists to the forefront of their communities through digital media. 



UVC Technology SA

Discovering disinfection through innovation. This business is all about delivering quality, accredited UV sanitation machines for people on the go. 


Spice Goddess 

A passionate lifestyle and travel blogger, Spice Goddess shares her adventures with an invested international audience. The blog and social media reach between 12 - 16k users every week. 

The Impact 17 - TFQ team collaborate to streamline and standardise the client's branding and social media projects. 

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