Image by Keila Hötzel

Academic Graphic Design

TFQ collaborates with you to design functional and informational graphics for your blogs, research papers, and presentations. Data visualisation is a specialised offering aimed at the agency's healthcare and medical clients.


A few of the agency's collaborations:

Maternal and child health

The infographic series is under beta testing as a digital learning resource for mothers of neonate newborns. 

Occupational Health

TFQ and Impact 17 collaborated with Shosholoza Workplace Wellness to conceptualise and design infographics about topics like burn management, African Tick Bite Fever, and ergonomics in the workplace. 

Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship

TFQ specialises in conceptualising and designing infographics and videos to educate the general public and community health workers about the risks of antimicrobial resistance. 

Professional blogs

TFQ and Impact 17 support personal branding and professional growth through blogs and complementing graphics.