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Curated services

At TFQ we believe communication should adapt to the context. So we've developed four services you can choose to take your ideas to the next level!

Writing and Editing

We write and edit across all genres, including academic, science communication, corporate, and teaching. Here are a few things we do: 


  • Write copy for your social media

  • Proofread your thesis 

  • Language edit your corporate messages

  • Research and draft blog posts for your website

Image by Art Lasovsky
Image by Kelly Sikkema


TFQ loves illustration because it's effective in conveying years of information on just a page! We design: 


  • stickers

  • social media posts

  • theory concepts (music, health, science and more!)

  • greeting cards


A prepared person is more ready for change. That's why organisation and strategy support is one of our most successful services. We can help you: 

  • shift you and your team to Agile practices

  • organise your social media

  • conduct a SWOT analysis of your work approaches and business

  • streamline your communication approach to achieve your goals

Image by Matteo Vistocco
Image by Andres Molina

Media collaboration

Need a resource person with the right experiences to engage with your audience? TFQ would love to be a part of important conversations! We can: 

  • speak at your event (health communication, Agile organisation, entrepreneurship, mental well-being and more!);

  • write guest social media and blog posts;

  • bring a confident and new perspective to your table.

Writing and editing
Media Collaboration

Let's Work Together

If you have found what you're looking for, awesome! Let's get started today!

If you have more questions about how TFQ can help you, get in touch so I can learn about your goals.

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