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Tamryn Iyer

Founder and Managing Director, Impact 17

March 2021 - present

I engaged Shraddha Patnala’s service from the end of March 2021.


I can hardly imagine my life without the balance and creativity that Shraddha brings to my company. She is thoughtful, wise, brave and most especially, I trust her with Impact17 clients. From intern to the content creator and now, to Operations lead, Shraddha helps put everything into a smoother workflow together with driving forward the goals of the company. 


Shraddha is an asset to any organization she is part of. She is both calm and works well under pressure. Being in a dynamic field (media), Shraddha brings traditional elements of communication BUT still is open to so many new ideas and ways of creating. 


The Impact17 team is extremely lucky to have Shraddha. 

Keziah Ferguson

Founder, HAIZEK Entertainment


What can I say?

Besides the fact that The Freelancing Quill not only offered me the most efficient, creative, patient and timely service, Shraddha Patnala has an extremely brilliant mind and a positive spirit which shines brightly through her work ethic. The website exudes excellence and high-quality work all the while keeping the cost reasonable and affordable.

I will be recommending The Freelancing Quill to anyone and everyone and I am excited to make use of its services in the future!

Dr Maneesh Paul S

Campus Director, Acharya Institutes


The Freelancing Quill is an exciting agency that efficiently and professionally delivers quality English language and design support. I met Shraddha in March 2020 during the weekly COVID Forum webinars. She displayed careful attention to detail and embodied a positive spirit during our interactions when we wrote a commentary about the pandemic and the need for this COVID Forum. 

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