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Writing & editing

Academic writing & editing

As a product of my personal and professional environment, I was drawn to academic writing opportunities in public health:


Over the years, such associations developed my interest in creating digitised health information materials. This inspired my Masters research about communicating the dangers of antimicrobial resistance from food sources in the form of a video and an accompanying infographic

A few of TFQ's current ongoing projects:

  • Curating and copyediting website content for a public health foundation in Bengaluru, India. 

  • Creating and assisting with written and design content for Impact17.

  • Curating and language editing a collection of inspirational stories about doctors' professional experiences for an upcoming book titled 'Dr Extraordinary'.  

  • Language editing for an upcoming journal article on the use and benefits of the Latch Score (neonatal and maternal health and well-being). This study was conducted in KLE Hospital, Belagavi, India. 

If you are interested in such services, please contact TFQ for details and quotes.

Short stories & letters

Two of my favourite pieces. These were written at a time when I experienced disillusionment with the world and the people around me.


The short story and the letter are both from the 'Afrofuturism and the Anthropocene' elective at the School of Journalism, Rhodes University. 

Content writing

TFQ is always up to some writing project throughout the year. Some are weekly blogs while others take months of research and proofreading. While the agency works on those long ones, here's what is up in the either so far: 

Shosholoza Workplace Wellness
The Flute Practice
Over the years I've been associated with the following projects: 

Edition 5:

  • 'The Accidental Academic' (Oppidan Press, Edition 5, page 15, 08 August 2018.)  

  • 'Bridging The Language Gap: USKAR student represents South Africa' (Oppidan Press, Edition 5, page 03, 08 August 2018.)

  • Infographic: 'The Silent Protest: a brief history' (Oppidan Press, Edition 5, page 07, 08 August 2018.)

Top 100 Print edition

Academc writing & editing
Short stories and letters
Content writing
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