The Full Story


Hello there! 

You can think of The Freelancing Quill as a succulent:

We grow wherever we are.

TFQ was established in 2021 to consolidate all freelance services under one banner and offer you a range of curated communication services. The agency aims to build a legacy of placing one's skills in service of continuous learning, so we look to you to help us learn something new as we help you communicate with confidence. 


And this is why your progress is our progress. 

Green Succulent Plant


Our vision is to work with you to build TFQ into an agency that offers friendly, professional, and reliable communication services. 


Our twofold mission is to:

  1. be approachable to anyone who needs communication support, no matter the level of English or subject matter. 

  2. build a legacy of continuous learning through conscientious practice.


These five values guide the agency's work and client relations:







In a nutshell: I drink tea, and I make things. 

I've been a writer and editor since 2015, and I've been known to call myself an entrepreneur since 2021. There were many years of side-hustles in between as I figured out how I wanted to work in the real world. I like to think it sorted itself out quite splendidly; I love my work!

I earned a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Media Studies in 2018 and then worked towards a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies in 2021; both from Rhodes University, South Africa. 

When I'm not tinkering with watercolours and repotting plants, you can find me with my nose in a book or hunting down my two cats - Doughnut and Panini - for cuddles. 


Why the spiral?

Shraddha's guiding philosophy for being a professional human being is that one never finds themselves in the same place twice.

At TFQ we don't go in circles. We progress in spirals. We are never in the same place doing the same thing in the exact same way the second time around. 

Come, let's progress in spirals together!