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Impacts of co-creating digital media for public health

The One Health perspective provides a holistic approach to identifying problems and all the areas of modern life they affect. 

Antimicrobial Resistance from food sources is a significant threat to the pharmaceutical, medical, and educational efforts against communicable diseases ravaging South Africa.  

My research highlights this threat and uses digital media to co-create educational materials with Peer Educators. These materials provide information and actionable steps to guard against AMR from food sources. 

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About my research

Co-created and theory-informed digital educational materials about AMR from food sources.

This research offers a blueprint for anyone looking to improve their health information's reach, range, and relevance through digital media. 

The explainer video outlines:

  • what AMR is

  • how it can be present in food sources like meat and dairy

  • why it's relevant for South African people to know about

  • everyday ways to guard against it

The video's accompanying infographic is an easily sharable digital file that presents the 4 food safety behaviours to adopt against AMR from food sources. 

To understand my research better, click to access the complete thesis. 

Access the slides from iPTBS 2023, Stellenbosch, Western Cape. 

Cite as: Shraddha, P. 2023. 'Impacts of co-creating digital media for public health: A brief foray into viable digital solutions'. iPTBS 2023. URL: 

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